Thursday, 6 March 2014

Halls of Residence vs. Uni House Share

The common process at university is to live in halls for the first year, then move into a shared house for the remainder of your course.

Occasionally, however, some people enjoy it so much that they stay in halls throughout, others already have friends attending the same university and move into a shared house with them from the outset. It does not matter where you stay you will have a ball. But which accommodation suits you the most? Which will help you squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of student life? Let’s compare the two and find out...

Halls of Residence
It can be daunting starting university when you do not know anybody in your new town or city. Well that is where halls of residence come in because you are given the opportunity to meet new people who are all in the same situation. Money is tight as a student, so by staying in halls you can avoid paying bills (such as electricity and water) and you get value for money. Often universities will build halls in close proximity to the university campus, so you can fall out of bed at 2pm for your lectures.There is added security with halls and you have access to some great facilities, like free wifi. There is a sense of community and you are on hand to take part in any upcoming events or activities that are being promoted. Ultimately, halls of residence offer you a sort of ‘halfway house’ from living with parents to being totally on your own. It acts as a way to ease you in to independency.

That’s the advantages dealt with, now for the pitfalls. Halls can be noisier than Rio during carnival season at times. You do not get the chance to choose who you live with and you are stuck with these people for a whole year. Generally, you do not get a choice of where your accommodation will be located and if you want family or friends to visit, I’m afraid they are sleeping on the floor!

Shared Houses
You are offered more privacy with a house because there isn’t hoards of students walking round outside the building. The main advantage is that you are living with people whom you have chosen and already have an established friendship. These people will often be like-minded, so you do not have to worry about stepping on eggshells with things like hobbies and music taste. Another addition to the list of pro is that you are not surrounded by exciting 1st year students who are getting giddy from experiencing university for the first time. Halls of residence are generally the hotspot for first years. If you invite family or friends to visit, they actually have space to stay over now that you are in a house. They is room in your bedroom for a camper bed or you may even be fortunate enough to have a spare guest room in your shared house.

Now for the downside. You quickly establish that bins, although it may come as a shock, do not empty themselves. You gain more responsibility for household chores, shopping and generally looking after yourself. Often the houses rented out to students are flawed and dilapidated – expect leaks, damp or even mould. A particular con is the neighbours, who often are not students themselves and can act as party-poopers. You will quickly learn how much it costs to run a household, with the responsibility for bills such as water, electric and TV licence.

So, both living in halls and a shared house have pros and cons. The evidence is there to see. No matter which is best suited for you, both ways of living are great for enjoying your time at university and for learning lessons that will stay with you throughout life.


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