Monday, 17 March 2014

Graduate Schemes can be a Perfect Route to Professional Success

Employers look for bright and promising graduates who can make a difference and can occupy important positions in the firm. For a successful and interesting career you need to join a graduate scheme right after university. By following this route, you can get the unique opportunity to become an integral part of a successful and leading organization. A graduate scheme nurtures your talent and hones your skills for the industry. While the scheme, you will be able to kick start your career by gaining hands-on experience. The training program offers all that you need for a successful career.

Competencies which employers seek
Employers lay down certain specific criteria which the recruits need to meet in order to join graduate schemes. The skills which the employers look for are:
* A score of 2.1 or more in your degree.
* A passion and strong urge to serve the industry.
* Strong verbal and communication skills.
* The ability to think creatively.
* Ambition and innovation.
* Strong problem solving skills and willingness to succeed.
* Ability to work in a team.
* Ability to work under pressure.

Graduate schemes offer high paying jobs than normal jobs. The advanced training packages can be the first step towards a rewarding career.
Evaluating abilities and strengths
During a telephone interview the employers aim at gauging:
* Abilities, skills and competencies which are related to the job.
* It is judged whether the student is a good fit in the team.
* Understanding of the job.
* Interest in the sector.
* It is important whether you have taken the efforts to gather details about the employer.
* Strengths and weaknesses which may play an important role in professional life.
* Ability to handle different situations and work under pressure.

Interviews for graduate schemes can be successfully cleared if you adopt an honest approach and can strike a conversation with the interviewers.

Preparing for the interview
As a telephone interview is conducted, you need to be prepared for the unexpected. You need to answer the call quickly. Keep your notes within easy reach and rehearse for a telephone interview well in advance. Ensure that you answer the questions carefully and intelligently as they will be aimed at judging your leadership skills and capabilities of teamwork. It is important to let your personality show in the course of the call. Brainstorm on accurate and appropriate answers for common questions that are asked in telephonic interviews.

Interview tips
If you enroll in a graduate scheme, you will benefit from the rewarding salaries and benefit packages which are offered by the large employers. In most cases, your educational expenses including tuition fees will be borne by the employer when you plan to study while working. The first step which you can take for a successful career is to prepare well for the interview. Maintaining good body language and keeping eye contact during the interview is essential. Gather relevant details about the company and its competitors. Carry an updated resume and revise the relevant skills before appearing for an interview.

In a graduate scheme as, you rotate through departments you acquire important skills and abilities which prove beneficial in the long run. It helps you to gain experience in different fields and helps you to understand your strengths. You can broaden your skillset and gear up for jobs which offer greater remuneration. Thus, it has been found that graduate schemes pave the way for brighter job prospects and offer greater opportunities for money making. You can secure your future as a steady income and a stable job are the long term benefits of a graduate scheme.


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