Friday, 21 February 2014

Hot IT Jobs for a Sizzling 2014

Which IT skills and roles will be hot for 2014? Whilst there are no seismic shifts from recent trends, the following are the most likely movers and shakers for the year ahead:

Big Data
Big data expertise, while not exactly new, is likely to pick up prominence this year, whether products like Hadoop or big data analytics.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence, or BI Designers with the skill to turn all that information into something tangible, useful and understandable for the executive suite, marketing and other non-technical business units.

Linux professionals continue to be in hot demand. Linux is a widely used software that calls for more systems administrators and developers to keep up with the growth. Developers who are engineers and can program and script in Linux are highly sought after and Linux Foundation is ramping up online training and advanced training to match demand.

Mobility is hot. In particular, IT professionals with mobile development skills can call the shots in the market right now. Recruiters point to there being more open positions than qualified people to fill them and this will continue into the coming year.

DevOps experts with cloud and mobility skills are in high demand already, and that’s going to carry on through 2014. Those who can build and maintain cloud infrastructure and mobile apps are sitting pretty in the jobs market.

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