Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Top tips for Preparing your Trip to Australia and Asia

Australia and Asia are on the bucket list of many people when it comes to travel aspirations. Travelling to these far-flung destinations from the UK has become increasingly popular and thanks to budget travel and cost-effective accommodation options, they are certainly more accessible. However, planning such momentous journeys can often prove a daunting prospect, leaving many floundering and not knowing where to start.

These handy tips offer travellers a brief insight into what will hopefully be an experience that will create lifelong memories

Getting there – the starting point of any journey; where does one start in sourcing the best value flights? When travelling long haul, there are many considerations to take on board when it comes to choosing a flight, which may not just be price led. Plans for direct flights from the UK to Australia, announced this year, may have been good news to some, but a stop-off can provide a welcome break for long haul travellers. It goes without saying that a bigger budget will buy a better seat with more legroom (with a majority of experienced travellers willing to pay the price), but savvy booking can also help, such as choosing an aisle seat. There are many meta-search sites that can scour multiple flight providers, such as Skyscanner, making the process easier than ever before – with Cheap Flights searching all of these sites at once.

Another added cost to keep in mind might be luggage, with baggage restrictions increasing along with prices. It might best to consider a luggage sending service, which could handle luggage shipping to Australia more cost effectively, rather than checking into the hold.

Whilst past trends have been to book travel and accommodation separately, in recent years the public are looking to travel agents once again, due to the fact that several elements can be booked at once (with savings to be reaped in the process). RoundtheWorldExperts offers a tailor made service and allows travellers to search by priority, such as budget.

Deciding on an itinerary – aside from budget restrictions which may influence the agenda, itineraries can be tricky to plan as preferences will differ significantly between individuals of varying ages and interests. The itinerary might be influenced by whether this is a chance of a lifetime trip, or an initial foray into Asia and Australia. The best way to ensure the trip is fully maximised is to plan ahead (which will also be vital for the booking of internal flights and travel) and so an idea of what to see and where to go should be decided ahead of time. The best advice is to research, research, research – and forums are a brilliant source of real life experience. Many who have been on adventures will want to share their stories as well as their dos and don’ts – and you can benefit from these tales. Try Lonely Planet, the Asia travel forum at Travel Fish and Traveller’s Point for some great inspiration. Consider booking tours with local tour companies too, who will know the area better than most.

Don’t worry, be appy – in an age where there’s an app for everything, ensure you’re loaded up with apps that can help your journey, from route planners to those developed by tourist boards. Download these beforehand to ensure you have access to the latest information about the area you’re in such as hotel and restaurant recommendations as well as information about must-see attractions. Travel guide app Triposo, an all-encompassing app developed by and for travellers, allows you to access maps offline, check local weather, obtain intelligent recommendations and learn about the history and culture of the destination. You can also keep a travel log which can be shared on Facebook in real-time.

Even on a tight budget, a long haul trip such as this is an investment and one which should be thoroughly researched and planned to maximise both the budget and the experience. Whether it’s minimising the effects of jet lag and how to make the long haul flight more comfortable or tips for eating out and visiting attractions at the destination, the time spent in preparation will be well worth the effort.

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