Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Shopping on a Budget

You’ll know that budgeting is essential in helping you get through tough times whilst concentrating on what really matters – getting a good education, and getting a job.

Once you leave home for uni, or move to a new city for a job it is almost a given that you won’t be perfectly prepared for the independence and responsibility of living on your own. 

Food is a life essential. You can’t get away from this fact. But this isn’t an excuse for you to spend loads of money on it. If you follow the tips below, you can reduce your food bill!

1. Use Cheap Shops

If your parents have done your shopping all your life, you might not be aware of this, but certain shops are much cheaper than others. For example, you wouldn’t do your food shopping in Waitrose or Marks & Spencer’s if you’re after budget shopping. Aldi, Tesco, Asda should be your primary choice when shopping on a budget. 

2. Local Markets for Fresh Produce

Fruit and vegetables are cheapest in local markets. Find your nearest market and do a weekly shop there. You can stock up on all the fruit and veg you need for the week for about £5-£10.

3. Offers and Discounts

Every shop does discounts and offers on certain products every now and again. Keep an eye out for those promotions and avoid splashing out unnecessarily. If a product you need isn’t on offer when you’re shopping, the large retailers would always have a cheaper alternative manufactured specifically for them. Think Asda Smart Price or Tesco Value.

4. Choose the right time to shop

Do not go food shopping when hungry. People underestimate this, but it has a massive impact. If you’re shopping when hungry, you’ll end up buying unnecessary things and spending a lot extra. Have a list and follow it.

5. Shopping online

Shopping online is a good alternative for those trying to save some extra time and money. You would have to pay for the delivery, but unless you have a big supermarket on your doorstep, you’d always have some expenses associated with the transport of your shopping. You can take your time with it, check all the deals out, and buy the things you need at the price that best suits you. Oh, and keep in mind that most major supermarket chains have some good offers on your first online order.


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