Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The search for the ‘insanely driven’ begins – are you game?

A new interactive online experience that aims to ‘get inside your head and find out who you really are’ has been launched today by Reckitt Benckiser, a global leader in health, hygiene and home FMCG products. The ‘Insanely Driven’ experience is a new type of character profiling assessment, which is completely different from the usual box ticking exercise that most people associate with psychometric testing. Aimed primarily at graduates and people in the early stages of their career, this experience will appeal to those who are interested in finding out more about themselves in order to find the best work environment and culture for them – unveiling their strong points and also highlighting areas that could be improved. 

What makes this experience different from anything else in this area, is that it is in equal parts an interactive film and a character profiling tool, while still being fun to play. Delivered by three actors playing a multitude of different roles (including the morally ambiguous games-master ‘Clarence’) it takes the user on an unpredictable journey through various situations and problems, which range from the everyday to the surreal and even bizarre. Each user will find themselves completely immersed in the experience, allowing a truer reflection to be formed of their character. Presented in this way, it’s far harder than most character assessments to try and “cheat” your way through to a more preferable character profile outcome. It’s time to get to grips with who you really are!

At the beginning of the experience, the user is given a strict deadline of reaching an important but mysterious meeting later that day. The user is then confronted with a variety of situations that require action to be taken and choices to be made, including deciding whether to help a woman who has gone into labour and stopping a fugitive on the run, or continue on to the important meeting. Based on the users reactions and speed of response, a personality profile is compiled which will then be revealed once the user arrives at the meeting, as well as finding out who the appointment is with - if they manage to make it on time. In other words, it’s the most ‘insane’ pre-meeting build up you will ever experience! 

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic said: “The experience we have developed takes character profiling to the next level. Rather than simply taking part in the type of straightforward assessment that many companies use, this experience  immerses the user in a series of engaging, unusual and at points even stressful virtual challenges, enabling them to forget they are even being tested and just focus on playing the ‘game’. This produces a more insightful and truthful response and a more psychologically in-depth picture of the user’s core character attributes and values.”

Andraea Dawson-Shepherd, Reckitt Benckiser SVP Global Corporate Communication and Affairs said: “The ‘insanely driven’ experience shows how Reckitt Benckiser like to do things differently and are always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.  This type of true personal insight is highly beneficial in today’s competitive careers market, as it can help young professionals really understand themselves, increasing their chances of career success and finding a job they’re best suited to. We are highly passionate and driven at Reckitt Benckiser and we hope that ‘Insanely Driven’ will showcase the company to those people who share our values and give valuable insight into what it takes to make it here.”

Greg Barnett, Director of Product Development at Hogan Assessment Systems, an international authority in personality assessment and consulting, said: “It is the best time I have had taking an assessment. I don’t think I have ever seen any type of virtual assessment, simulation, etc that even comes close."

To find out your work character profile and try the ‘insanely driven’ experience for yourself, just visit:


  1. I actually think this is fantastically innovative. To know what you're good, so early in your career is a gift and blessing. There are fantastic tools out there to inform and inspire now. Thanks for sharing this on your blog!

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  3. That’s why even very good psychometric tests (and there are lots of very bad ones) need to be held lightly. The unquestioned use of labels and categories can consolidate problems that the client is experiencing and rectify something which perhaps did not exist – or half existed in the messy, ambiguous reality of being a human.
    Reference: Psychometric testing