Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Inside Buzz

About Inside Buzz
Inside Buzz came to life in 2010 to give graduates a real taste of working life before they start. Let's face it, corporate websites are not objective and job boards don't let you see what everyday life will be like once you become an employee. That's where Inside Buzz comes in.

Inside Buzz offers graduates unbiased, insider information on the UK’s top graduate employers.  We independently survey employees at leading firms in the UK and ask them for feedback on topics such as company culture, interviews, salaries, hours, quality of work, diversity, training and more. Inside Buzz is on a mission to give grads the tools to make informed decisions and also recognise the importance of research during a job hunt. 

On you will find:

•  1,000s of quotes from current employees 
•  Over 150 in depth company profiles 
•  Insider interview advice and tips on getting hired 
•  Engaging career articles, news and blogs

Inside Buzz publishes print and digital career guides, including ‘top employer’ guides in accounting, banking, consulting and law, as well as interview guides in banking and consulting. These are updated and distributed every year to students at all major UK and international universities.
Inside Buzz 2012 Career Guides now available for free download!

Our brand new An Inside Look at Law, An Inside Look at Investment Banking and An Inside Look at Graduate Employers guides are now available for free download. Simply click on the following link for immediate access:

Check out our Facebook page to keep up with all the latest UK graduate news, application deadlines and much more. Also, simply by liking our page, you will go in the running to win an iPad2! Get in touch with us through the website, Facebook or Twitter and tell us what you find helpful about Inside Buzz or what you think is missing. 


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