Friday, 9 March 2012

Business Cards a Necessity for Graduates?

Graduating can be a daunting time. Getting your first step on the employment ladder is the first and often hardest step. How you bag the initial first interview or position is all down to how you put yourself out there.  There are several new forms of networking these days such as the online business social networking site, LinkedIn. Such is the surge in online forms of communication it leads to questions such as, is there  really any need for graduates to spend money on personalised business cards? With unemployment levels at an all-time high, the need for graduates to differentiate themselves from the rest is paramount and personalised business cards could be just the answer some graduates are looking for.

The first reason business cards can be advantageous to graduates is that they let the employer know that they are serious about their career. It makes the employer feel more important and that the graduate offering a business card has a vested interest in perusing a career in their chosen industry. This is also cemented by how the employer receives the business card. As well as handing a potential employer a CV, adding a business card can communicate to the employer that this person is sincerely interested in the position. Due to the size and convenience of use, employers might be more likely to pull them out of their jacket or wallet sporadically and contact the graduate then to locate and troll their information on a CV.

Business cards will help you gain credibility as a possible employee. It helps form a sense of trust between you and the other person. It will also help differentiate you from other possible graduates and add a professional edge to your efforts. In comparison to CV’s, business cards allow you to put a creative spin and personal touch, permitting something of your own personality, which could be the key to securing the position you want. Employers are always looking for someone creative or someone who is willing to think outside the box and choosing from the right business card templates can help you achieve that.

Business cards are especially handy to hand out at graduate fairs or networking events, where you are amongst your industry peers. This makes a lot more sense than handing out a CV. Once a business card is given out, the appropriate information is on hand to the potential employer. They can easily get your name, number, email address and the field of your degree, or any other relevant information you would like them to instantly see, rather than reading through a larger A4 page of a CV.  Also, you never know when you could meet the right contact and having a business card on and means you never miss a potential business opportunity.


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