Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blabla Car...!

Want to visit friends or family and want to save money on the extortionate petrol prices? Hate taking the train or the coach alone and annoyed at the ever increasing fares? Looking for someone to share a regular trip to/from your Uni? Or simply want to travel with other students and have some fun? Introducing BlablaCar…! Saving money on student journeys.

BlablaCar revolutionises student car trips with 'Campus' – a new site for cheap, environmentally friendly, fun trips ideal for students. BlablaCar connect drivers with empty seats with people looking for a ride.

BlablaCar has the answer with the brand new Campus: an annex of its site specifically designed to help students share car journeys and save on travel costs.  The idea is simple: drivers 'rent' their car seats on trips they are already making, essentially sharing the cost of petrol and upkeep. For passengers, BlablaCar’s Campus is by far the cheapest and most social alternative way to travel.

Completely free to use, over 100 universities so far have their own dedicated Campus page, making it easy to find both drivers and passengers headed in the same direction. So, when travelling home this Christmas, before booking your pricey train ticket, remember... BlablaCar...!

Nicolas Brusson, co-founder of BlablaCar, said: “Campus is for savvy socials so they can make new friends and save money. Whether it's a journey home to see family, a weekend visiting friends at other Universities, or a road trip to Cornwall, Blackpool or even Paris, BlablaCar takes the hassle out of students looking for a cheaper ride.” But it's not all about saving money; sharing a car is also better for the environment. With fewer cars on the road, members have so far saved over 200,000 tons of CO2 since the launch. 

Competition Time Grad Guide Readers:

As part of the Campus launch, BlablaCar is also looking for the university that takes maximising car journeys the most seriously. A prize of £3,000 is up for grabs for the university club that demonstrates its campus the most active on BlablaCar.

It is open to any sort of club that are looking to raise all important funds. To enter your club or university town, simply email campus@blablacar.com and request a Competition Pack which provides information on how to win and ideas and materials for ways to promote the competition to others . The winning club will be chosen at the end of January 2012. 

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