Thursday, 15 September 2011

Could the TARGETjobs Graduate Career Report help you...?

Produced by graduate recruitment assessment specialists, the TARGETjobs Graduate Careers Report uses biographical data, personal interests and psychometric testing in order to recommend job areas and produce individual action plans. Since its launch last October over 8,000 students have completed the Report. 

The TARGETjobs Careers Report is supported by university careers services across the UK and used in their work with students. The University of Glasgow Careers Service said, ‘The practice psychometric tests are good and definitely a resource which students should be using.’

Chris Phillips, GTI Publishing Director, is pleased it’s been so successful, ‘From speaking to students and working with careers services we knew the Careers Report would be popular.  It is important that students can focus their graduate jobs intentions early in order to take part in constructive graduate training, internships and placements, focus their studies and make the most out of their careers service in order to land themselves the best graduate careeers and graduate schemes.’

To find out where you should be focusing your attentions, visit


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