Monday, 22 August 2011

Cross Country Free Uni Fees

CrossCountry Rail is offering Grad Guide Readers a fantastic chance to win a year's worth of tuition fees. We all know that University fees are on the rise, so why not let Cross Country rail cover it with the opportunity to win one year’s fees paid (up to £3,375). That’s one whole year’s loan that you won’t need to pay back! Winning is easy, all you need to do is ‘like’ the Student Rail Deals Facebook page, fill in some minor details and not only will you be entered into the competition, but you’ll find some fantastic travel deals!

CrossCountry is the cheapest student rail service as it has teamed up with NUS to offer an extra 10% on the price of a CrossCountry Advance rail ticket for NUS Extra card holders ON TOP of your Railcard discount. Why wait?


  1. Thanks for the useful info here. Its quite nicely shared and can you please list out some more points here?

  2. Useful article man,

    I think it's a nice idea, but poorly implemented - clearly just a ploy to improve their social media interaction.

    Be interested to see if they publish the results of the winner..

    Nice blog in general though :)

  3. shall pass this info onto a good few friends who benefit from a little extra help