Sunday, 29 August 2010

'Gap Yah'

Firstly, if you don’t understand the title of the blog post, then watch this - 'Gap Yah'

The stereotypical ‘gap yah lashed student’. Whilst this is funny and all, it does condescend a bad image for those travelling the world.

The gap year seems to have become part of modern day culture. Part of being youth today means going travelling. I recently came across an interesting article about this, ‘the death of the gap year holiday’. The article discusses how a gap year, needs to be a “bridging year”.

I think they may have a valid point…

To any students looking to go travelling, can they justify their experience towards their future career? To anyone looking to take a gap year, I’d suggest researching the opportunities and potential of your trip:

-       Get involved in a volunteering project
-       Make a blog of your journey
-       Utilise the Internet to share your experience
-       Whilst away, raise money for a charity
-       Get sponsorship of your adventure

Your gap year could really make your stand our from the crowd. 


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